Athanasios Tom GRIBILAS ( 1940- 2018 )

  • 78 Years Old
  • Date of birth: Mar 11, 1940
  • Place of birth: , , Canada
  • Date of passing: Jun 05, 2018
  • Place of passing: , , Canada


An amazing life ended far too early, Tom left us after a lengthy illness at the age of 78. You are "Gone But Loved"

About Life

This memorial was erected in memory of our Gone But Loved one.

Athanasios Tom GRIBILAS

Loving husband to Mary (December 17, 1939 - January 4, 2018) for 52 years. A wonderful father and father-in-law to Paul and Fotine, Matina and Lambros and Peter and Joanna.

Memorial Service

Heritage Funeral Centre

Jun 07, 2018

09:00 PM

50 Overlea Boulevard,Toronto,Ontario,Canada,

Reception Information

St. John Greek Orthodox Church

Jun 08, 2018

02:00 PM

1385 Warden Avenue,Toronto,Ontario,Canada,


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