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Does God care about people dying from the Corona virus?

Let me change this question a bit. Does the manufacturer of a Fridge has jurisdiction over the Fridge after it is in a owners home? I think the answer is “NO”. When the manufacturer completes a product, they test to see if all is working and functional before giving control to the buyer. What the buyer places in their fridge is entirely up to them. God created a wonderful, peaceful and beautiful world, and gave humans control over it. What humans have done with it today as led to very serious and devastating consequences that continues to hamper health and claim lives. The coronavirus is no exception, it was never in existence from creation.


Others ask, still, if God is loving, why cant he put an end to all troubles? Just like the manufacturer, God gives humans to choose between “Good” and “Evil”. He also makes man to understand that his/her actions can affect the life of another, thereby putting humans in the situation where they have to consider their actions as it affects humanity, before they act on their choices. Our actions of developing man made viruses have a consequence, our choices of manufacturing weapons have a consequence, our choices of creating anything that has a potential to take life as a multi-level consequence. However, some argue that if a Fridge is defective, It can be taken to the manufacturer or a repairer for repairs. This is true, but it will depend on the contract between the manufacturer and the buyer, or in this case between God and man. Has God contracted to intervene in his contract of giving man control and dominion over all? I don’t think so, I think God honours his word and will never break his word. However, I also believe that nothing his impossible for God to do. There is great wisdom in not questioning God for his stance, knowing fully well that, no human can comprehend God or understand God fully. Our brains and minds are not able to understand his essence. One thing is forever sure though, a fridge manufacturer will never be happy to see that their fridge is used to freeze humans to death, neither is God happy that humans go through pain and suffering. When a fridge is unplugged from an outlet, electricity supply seizes and the Fridge can no longer function, and the power that was keeping the fridge functional, flows back to the source, same happens to man. When life is no longer in man and man is pronounced dead, the spirit goes back to the maker and owner of life. It is here that the owner demands for an account of the good and the bad choices made by man. If anyone things that there will be no judgement for individual choices and actions, especially that which affect others, then I think you can wait till life leaves you to find out or you can begin to make changes to how you view the world in relation to your actions.

 In conclusion: God cares about each and every one of us either you are black or white or yellow or brown or purple. Regardless of all man made religions, we are first, humans in God’s eyes and nothing else. He cares that we are suffering with the coronavirus. He will reward those who through evil means have allowed the virus to continue, and he will reward those who genuinely seek to put an end to the coronavirus with no hidden agenda. Nothing is hidden from God. Let us continue to maintain social distancing, wear masks, wash our hands, limit our movements and follow all government regulations to stem down and eradicate the corona virus.

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By Stephan Bryle | 19-01-2021 | Comments(0)   

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