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Losing A Loved One to Death

Losing a loved one is a very painful unexplainable experience. It happens to each and every one of us at different times and we all react to such events differently. The common factor though is that we all feel pain and loss, we feel very empty, and sometimes we get so dissapointed in life itself and wonder "what exactly is this life"? One commonality has been observed with those who have lost a loved one and are mourning. It is the "RESET" button. The loss of a loved one triggers a reset button in most people. The RESET allows you to take time off to reflect on life and death as it relates to you on a personal level. When that trigger occurs, it is indeed a moment that brings you the opportunity to rethink and re-evaluate your priorities in life as the time goes tick tock, tick tock. It is a precious moment that should be cherished. It is a time when you are pulled away from all the noise around you and away from the hustle and bustle of life. Make use of that moment wisely, it is a rare opportunity, dont lose it too quickly. 

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