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Planning and Preparing For Death

The thought of death can be frighteneing especially when you are alive and things seem to be ok or fine around you. Sometimes, it becomes frighteneing when you lose a loved one, maybe a parent, a sibling, relation, friend or colleague at work or in business. Truth is, when you are not prepared to face the inevitability of death, that is when your fright hightens, and moments of death fright comes to you occassionally. Planning ahead for the inevitable is always a wise decision. Everyone should be able to excercice their rights to plan and talk about their death without fear. It is well known that those who long prepare for death embrace death in the moments of dying, and those who have ignored the subject are always scared in the moments of dying and die painfully. As a matter of fact, death is only a vehicle that transports you to the next phase of life without the human body. The way death comes to all may be different, but ultimately it is just a mode for transitioning. Plan ahead for your death, prepare your will, speak ahead with funeral homes, plan your burial with family and live your life gracefully and happily to the best until the inevitable occurs. Death is unavoidable and will come when it will come

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