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Why Create Memorials?

Memorials have been a tradition that has prevailed across all cultures in the world. When people lose a loved one, they tend to want a point of contact with their loved ones who have departed, Creating a memorial helps people to grieve, honour, remember and heal from their loss. Imagine having nothing at all to remember your parents or siblings. Imagine your children asking questions about your parents and siblings and there is nothing to point them to as representing memories of your loved ones. Its like they just vanished into thin air and never lived a life at all. Many loved ones have actually contributed to your life and having nothing to remember them is somewhat of a callous attitude and not LOVE. The least we can do, is to create a memorial for them. There ar many ways in which online memorials like tends to serve the needs of families who have lost a loved one. Online memorials remain online and can be shared with friends and family across the world at a click of a button. Creating an online memorial with pictures, videos, audios of the deceased makes such memorials to be worth it. Writting words that depict your loved one's personality and legacy, helps readers to know about your loved one, and what their life was all about.  

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