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Money, Life and death. Your Choice?

Chatting with a friend a couple of years back, he mentioned the great role, that money played as part of a man's life, and that, without money, a man's life is hopeless. It was a long discussion with me arguing that money has no place or part to play in living a good fulfilled life. To cut the chase, he mentioned that, if "Money" was human and walked up to him and made him an offer, "20 more years for you to live with a gift of $20,000,000 or 50 more years for you to live with $0 gift" choose one, he said quite convincingly that he will choose "20 years and $20,000,000", this came as a shock to me. So I asked myself, are you normal, or is it your friend who is insane? Anway, I thought I'll throw this question out there for all to comment. What will be your choice?  

By Gone But Loved Memorial Website | 29-09-2017 | Comments(0)   

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