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Richard Phillip Downare 1937-2013

Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you & wish you were still here.

Duane Allen Thomas 1933-2021

Duane Celebration of Life

Duane Thomas, 88, of Renton Washington. Ended his time here peacefully on March 26, 2021 and died from natural causes.

(Bobby) Robert Jr. McWilliams 1935-2016

Though you are gone, we will never forget you

Naomi French 1928-2015

Though you are gone, we will never forget you

Amber McWilliams Scoggins 1983-2021

Though you are gone, we will never forget you

Caroline Linda Simons 1949-2021

Family Viewing

All good souls pass on the Lord’s day

Mary Elizabeth Morris 1941-2020

My mother was the kindest person ever... always putting other’s first. She lived a good honest life! She dedicated her life to God and was a perfect example of what a true humanitarian is!

Lorraine Elizarraraz 1991-2021

Pierce Bros Crestlawn Mem

We Love You and Miss You So Much!!!

David Rivera

Though you are gone, we will never forget you

Leviticus Chyanne Chivington

McHatton-Sadler Funeral Chapels

Leviticus always was a bright young lady. She always had a bright smile. Never was sad. She loved morning coffee and donuts. Her and I were very close. I am very upset that my beautiful girl has left earth. I will never be able to hold her again...

Ibukun Aka Barry Falase

Always smiling, gentle, friendly, quiet and brotherly friend. Your friends from University of Ibadan will miss you. Sleep well, gentle giant.

Baby Brother Rodney Henry 1975-2019

Sanders Grove Church

😢😪🌹🌹Baby Brother we all miss you family, friends. I’m living for two now you. In my heart never will a day go by. I don’t think about my Baby Brother. 😢😪🌹🌹

Gaynell B Davis 1949-2020

Gone But Never Forgotten

Mia Parker 1980-2020

All People

Mia Parker was a bright props on that alway light up the room.She made sure she put a smile on everyone face. Mia was always traveling to see the world as it is till this day.

Linda Dahm 1958-2020

Light House Baptist Church

She will always be remembered for her kind words, and a “Golden Rule” attitude. Linda had a very big heart! She will be missed deeply.

Alvin Adolfo Maracallo 2008-2019

Alvin.just like your name strong sweet, and a noble loyal friend. My son will always be in me until we meet again, My funny and full of life boy.our love is inmortal nothing can destroy it and even though you are not in earth you are everywhere in us

Quinton Vernon Boyd 1961-2020

Vernon Boyd Funeral

You are loved and missed more than you will ever know.

Gracious Nichole Walton


She loved to take pictures she was a cool person she was a beautiful lil girl she had a very smart brain

Daniel Josue Castro Munoz 1998-2019

Please feel free to share all those memories you had with Danny . “ Never forgotten “ ❤️🙌🏻

Achille Zavatta 1915-1993

Le Mémorial Pour Achille Zavatta.

Le petit Achille est issu d’une grande famille d’artistes de cirque, les Zavatta, dont les traces remontent à la Venise du treizième siècle. Ses parents sont Frederico Zavatta et Emma Tholonet, Ils sont tous deux artistes. Enfant, il pratique toutes les disciplines du cirque: acrobatie, trapeze, dompteur, musicien. A aucun moment, il ne se destine a etre clown. Pour plusieurs générations de fans de cirque, Achille Zavatta est, de loin, le clown le plus célèbre. A la fin des années 50, la télévision va donner au cirque une exposition inédite avec des émissions comme 36 chandelles ou La piste aux étoiles, ou il fera plus de 200 apparitions. En 1978, Achille Zavatta passe à l’étape supérieure et monte son propre cirque. Le Cirque Zavatta vivra difficilement les années 80: la télévision se révele un concurrent redoubtable pour les petits cirques. Presque constamment sous dialyse, Achille Zavatta met fin a ses jours le seize Novembre 1993, a Ouzouer-des-Champs en France.
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