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Jason F Godwin 1981-2018

Jason, you will live forever in our hearts You touched many lives in your short life and here's your "Greatest Hits" compilation of qualities we'll always cherish: LOVE, HUMOR, LOYALTY, GENEROSITY, INTELLIGENCE, COMPASSION, HUMBLE, FRIEND, MUSICIAN

Oscar Kazali 1960-2018


Mr Oscar Kazali was a good father In law to me.. I loved him a lot. He listened and he gave every one, an unshared n undivided attention... He solved all problems without taking sides. Rest in eternal peace... We as a family will always love you

William Kirby Daniel 1955-2018

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ He was the best Father in the World. The things he taught me prepared me for an extraordinary life. I was his only child and we were beyond close. Unfailing Love, I will always cherish and honour him, in life and death.

Kacey Elizabeth Smith 1997-2018

Abundant Life Church

Your Wings Were Ready but Our Hearts Were Not!

Carlos Serrano 1977-2018

My love you went to heaven so soon I already miss you my love . I will all ways love you one day not to far we will be together.

Raymond Bruce McHose 1944-2018

From all of us Daddy to you. RIP

Sthembile Papayi Phummy 1990-2018

Sthembile PapaI

We don't choose Birth nor Death but they both choose us. As time is limited but we don't have to limit ourselves to live towards our fullest of Achieving our Dreams..... RIP PAPAY

Christopher Dean Turner Sr. 1963-2017

Though you are gone, we will never forget you

Paul Douglas Moore 1962-2018


He was kind soul loved all of his family

Skai Mafiriba Lialas

Rest In Peace

Though you are gone, we will never forget you

Vickie Lashawn Dew (Brown)

Missing you thinking of you EVERYDAY not a daY goes by. I love you

Amin Ike 1957-2018

You are never gone in love

Tyler Sadler 1997-2017

Though you are gone, we will never forget you. You are the best kid in the world!

Shirley Anne Warner 1936-2018

My beautiful Mum passed away on the 23rd April this year miss her so much, love and miss you Mum xxxxx

Barbara Lynn Davis-Eldridge 1955-2018

Celebration Of Life

Barb was such an amazing and wonderful wife, friend, mom to any kid who needed a mom, a daughter and sister. She loved all whoever crossed her path and adopted every child into her family of choice. She was a fire cracker and a truly amazing soul.

Andrew Thomas Smith 1987-2017

Springvale Cemetery

Goodbye My lover

Steven Jeffrey Dennis 1964-2018


Steve was a good man,a loving man,and a wonderful person.steve was my ride or die,my soulmate,the love of my life.he was loved by many friends and family Steve I love u baby..till we meet high baby

Sophie Elizabeth Kelly 2010-2017

She was a special angel with the most amazing smile that had everything to live for. She was truly amazing

Dorothy Rose Abundiz-Krulas 1992-2018

Though you are gone, we will never forget you

Gordon Lee Sharp 1947-2018

In Loving Memory Of Gordon Sharp(Papa)

Not a day goes by that I don't miss you and think about you. You are my biggest inspiration. You are my hero. I hope one day I'll be the man you use to be. Quick to love and slow to anger. I love you forever grandaddy.
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