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Thomas Edward Bybee 1960-2022

Thomas Edward Bybee

I love him and miss him more every day.

Michael D Fields 1971-2021

Traders Point North

March 21, 1973 - December 25, 2021 In loving memory of a wonderful man who contributed so much to society, life and people. Please post memories, photos, anecdotes and ways he has impacted your life.

Joshua William Vaughn 1985-2020

Memphis Mortuary

The day turns into night fall and your not here ro get me through it all.... I'm barely breathing..and somehow my Broken heart is still beating...i will forever carry you with me in my broken heart..for the day YOU left me you hold thh missing part.

Joshua King Van Kleef 1986-2019

Baby you should be alive with all of us. We all miss you so very much. You are my soulmate and I will never ever get over you or forget you and everything so wonderful you brought to this world and everyone who loved you. You are so missed and loved

Wade Alvin Wilmot Jr. 1958-2018

Today Mark's the 1 year Anniversary of the passing of an incredible man husband father grandfather brother brother in law and uncle. Gone in a blink of an eye. Struck down just days after his fatal diagnosis of Glioblastoma Brain cancer

Jeff Glenn Turner 1963-2019

Though you are gone, we will never forget you

John Lee Bryant lll 1984-2019

Hall Funeral Home

If Speed Is What Kills Me Please Dont Cry For Me Because I Can Promise You I Was Smiling Whole Way

Jonathan Kirk Pruna 1983-2019

Jonathan what is my first in last real love we had a connection that he would call twin souls, the first time we looked at each other our eyes made contact in the light that surrounded him was undescribable I knew he was the 1

Carlos Serrano 1977-2018

My love you went to heaven so soon I already miss you my love . I will all ways love you one day not to far we will be together.

Amin Ike 1957-2018

You are never gone in love

Steven Jeffrey Dennis 1964-2018


Steve was a good man,a loving man,and a wonderful person.steve was my ride or die,my soulmate,the love of my life.he was loved by many friends and family Steve I love u baby..till we meet high baby

Denver Copley 1947-2014

Denver Copley

On this day three years ago I lost the love of my life. You were our Hero. You may be gone, but you are not forgotten. We Love you with all our hearts.