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Richard Craig Lovato Jr 2004-2023

My beloved son you were the glue to our family the sunshine in our lives, you will live on always through all of us and your beautiful son, loved so much and never forgotten.

Tiphani Lynn Mooneyham 1993-2023

Though you are gone, we will never forget you

Camble Thomas Straton 2022-2022

Camble thomas gained his wings July 4th , forever 56 days old.

Isaac Lawrence 2012-2019

Isaac was a handsome, well behaved young man that sadly died when he was only 8 years old by murderer. We loved him very much, his last words were "miss you mom and dad" which warmed up my heart. "we will never forget you, Isaac❤️❤️❤️"

Pauly Johnson 1982-2022

Though you are gone, we will never forget you

Travis Scott Bordelon 1993-2014


Learning to live without you will always b the hardest thing I’ve ever done. There’s so many things I want to tell you and so much that you’ve missed. I pray you are still with us in some way. You are loved and missed by so many.

Gordon Michael Hayden III 1990-2021

Mii #1 Son, Baby.. you fought long and hard…and I couldn’t be more proud to be your Mother. I miss you soo much..and I’m not alone in this. You were the Brilliant, Savvy, Funny and Fun friend to soo many!! As well as to us, Your Family. 4ever&Always

Mason C. Ruselowski 1995-2021

Lombardo Funeral Home

Mason was a loving son of Carmen and John (Pierce) Ruselowski, Adored brother of Samuel and Abigail Ruselowski, Samaya and Jordan Pierce, Caring boyfriend to Lilana Zimmer and Charished Grandson to Eileen and Douglas (Ambrose) Ruselowski.

Mia Parker 1980-2020

All People

Mia Parker was a bright props on that alway light up the room.She made sure she put a smile on everyone face. Mia was always traveling to see the world as it is till this day.

Alvin Adolfo Maracallo 2008-2019

Alvin.just like your name strong sweet, and a noble loyal friend. My son will always be in me until we meet again, My funny and full of life boy.our love is inmortal nothing can destroy it and even though you are not in earth you are everywhere in us

Gracious Nichole Walton


She loved to take pictures she was a cool person she was a beautiful lil girl she had a very smart brain

Daniel Josue Castro Munoz 1998-2019

Please feel free to share all those memories you had with Danny . “ Never forgotten “ ❤️🙌🏻

Brittany Ann Hyder 1996-2010

Brittany Ann Hyder, Mommy misses you so much darlin. I can't believe it has been 9 years since you were taken away from us. You would be so proud of your sister. She is an amazing mom. You would so spoil her children with so much joy and happiness.

Mildred Dube 2002-2019

We Invite U To A Memorial Service For Mildred Dube

Though you are gone, we will never forget you

Jaspn Chase Crockett 1983-2019

Higher Hopes

My son was a kind hearted lovable person that would give you the shirt on his back and do without if it ment helpping someone he cared about he had to leave this world tninking all he had was me cause most of the people he called friend werent really

Freddie Colin Parrott 2017-2017

My beautiful Freddie

Dakota Ray Ward 2018-2019

Though you are gone, we will never forget you

Jamie Lynn Deleon 1996-2014

Paquelet Funeral home

Jamie wasnt just my daughter she was my best friend someone you can talk to about anything and no one else knew.i miss her so much .

Midget Elizabeth Moo Moo Elizabeth Moo Moo Chapman 2008-2019


I miss her everyday she may be a pet so some but to me she was and forever going to my baby

Nelson Dawid BoetaePikesaPieter Eichab 1991-2018

Nelson Dawid Eichab

It was too soon, that you left us Boeta. We are still in shock my dearest. You neva say goodbye, that's why we ask so many questions. R.I.P.
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