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Lonnie Eugene Bowman Jr. 1953-1953

Graveside service

Though you are gone, we will never forget you

Debbie Sherry Amick 1963-2019

Memorial Service

Love you to the moon and back

Mary Joy Canillas Himatay 1975-2019

Burial Service

Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. PSALM 23:6

Lonnie Eugene Bowman 1928-1961

Graveside Service

Though you are gone, we will never forget you

Dakota Ray Ward 2018-2019

Though you are gone, we will never forget you

Lawrence "Bud" Hobert Kincaid 1949-2018

Though you are gone, we will never forget you

Craig Kelvin Boomgaarden 1961-2019

Celebration Of Life

Best Damn Daddy There Ever Was.

Frances Louise Lee 1938-2019

Whitleys Funeral home

My mother was an incredible woman who was deeply loved by hundreds. We shared a special relationship. Momma had been through so much in her life, good and bad. She deserved to have some happiness and pain free days. I love you momma.

Paula Olivera 1955-2019

Pain is gone. Now she is free.

William Lewis 1922-2008

Though you are gone, we will never forget you

Bienvenida Lopez

Lombardo Funeral Home

Life is to short, spend as much time with your love one, RIP 🙏 MI CHIQUITA MAMASITA, CON MUCHO AMOR

Catherine Elvina Albright 1956-2018

Celebration Of Life

She was my best friend she will be greatly missed and never forgotten

Sandra Gholston 1951-2019

Lori's Funeral Home And Cremation Services

Sandra was always kind, loving, outgoing full of life and a joy to be around. Sandra was always a positive soul. Her heart was always pure and her love for GOD showed in her daily life. now she is in the grace of our Lord, living the eternal life.

Mary Victoria Haumesser 1958-2018


She loved being outside when she was able to and wasn't hurting or sick, she loved going to the lake and camp and BBQ and maybe drink a beer or two, she loved her kids and grandkids, she loved to cook and have family gatherings!

Ronald Scott Jones 1936-2019

I will love and miss you every day for the rest of my life.

Jacqueline Lawson Richmond 1933-2012


Though you are gone, we will never forget you

Nancy Joellyn Rich

The bestest friend, mom, gma, girlfriend, wife, coworker, care person anyone has ever met..

Robert Wayne Bradley


This man was one of a kind and loved so very much by everyone that knew him he will be 4 ever missed and loved by all exspecially his one and only son skip bradley

Seanette Bernice Irvin 1979-2017

Here is where you lay and as time goes by I have to realize that I will never see you again. Day by day my heart aches for you and night by night I yearn for you. Sometimes I wake up and I’m reaching out for you but you aren’t there. I miss youalways

Todd Michael Newcomer 1971-2019

Great dad
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