Michael Edward Kilfoyle-Blocker ( 1989- 2017 )

  • 27 Years Old
  • Date of birth: Jun 03, 1989
  • Place of birth: West Islip, Ny, United States
  • Date of passing: May 17, 2017
  • Place of passing: North Babylon, Ny, United States


Michael had a beautiful soul inside and out. He was always there for his friends whenever he could lend a hand. His death was a tragedy and no one is ever going to be able to replace the person he was to us. Every single day he lives on in our hearts.

About Life

This memorial was erected in memory of our Gone But Loved one.

Michael Edward Kilfoyle-Blocker

Michael was born June 3, 1989 and left this earth May 17, 2017. He had a beautiful soul inside and out. No one will ever be able to amount to the person he was. Eventually, I will see you again, hopefully sooner than later. Love, in life and death.


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