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This memorial was erected in memory of our Gone But Loved one.

Nelson Dawid BoetaePikesaPieter Eichab

27 Years Old


Nelson Dawid BoetaePikesaPieter Eichab ( 1991- 2018 )

  • 27 Years Old
  • Date of birth: Jun 17, 1991
  • Place of birth: Kalkrand, , Namibia
  • Date of passing: Dec 26, 2018
  • Place of passing: Mariental, , Namibia


It was too soon, that you left us Boeta. We are still in shock my dearest. You neva say goodbye, that's why we ask so many questions. R.I.P.

Memorial Service

Nelson Dawid Eichab

Jan 12, 2019

06:00 AM

P.O. Box 46, Mariental,Mariental Namibia,9000


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