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This memorial was erected in memory of our Gone But Loved one.

Quinton Vernon Boyd

59 Years Old


Vernon is the oldest of 4. He has two kids a daughter christy & a son William. He has three grandchildren Jayden, William & Elizabeth. He has always loved being outside. He loves fishing,hunting and he loved working on vehicles. He married the love of his life in 1987 unfortunately it ended in divorce in 2011. He never stopped loving her. He was a family man he always put his kids wants and needs before his own. He is missed by his kids,grandkids,siblings & his mother Dorothy. Vernon was very close to his family and he is missed by everyone that knew him. R.I.P. Daddy we love you

Quinton Vernon Boyd ( 1961- 2020 )

  • 59 Years Old
  • Date of birth: Aug 11, 1961
  • Place of birth: Tupelo, Mississippi, United States
  • Date of passing: Dec 14, 2020
  • Place of passing: Tupelo, Mississippi, United States


You are loved and missed more than you will ever know.

Memorial Service

Vernon Boyd Funeral

Dec 15, 2020

09:30 PM

W.E. Pegues Funeral Directors 535 W Jefferson St, Tupelo, MS 38804,Tupelo,Mississippi,United States,38804


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