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This memorial was erected in memory of our Gone But Loved one.

Ramona Kay Smith

Romona Kay Truitt – Smith 1950- 2018 Cher'rie L. Marsh, of Yakima, Washington, wishes to announce the death of her mother, Ramona (Katie, Mona) Truitt-Smith of Talequah, Oklahoma. Mona (as many called her) was traveling on the Muskogee Turnpike, on July 4,2018, with her sister, Laura Evans. At about mile marker 6.5 , A driver was distracted and slammed into the back of my Mother's car killing her and the passenger Laura Evans instantly. It is a great comfort to me to know they did not suffer in pain. My mother was born in Melrose Place, Illinois to Mr. George Edward Truitt and his wife Winnie Wilhelm- Truitt, on December 28, 1950. She was the first of 4 sisters and many half-siblings. Mona's family moved to Oklahoma shortly after her birth. Mona grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was here she met and married Douglas F. Day. Mona gave birth to two Daughters, myself and my sister Joan. My mother loved her family, and tried her best to help anyone in need. As soon as my mother knew you had a project underway that you were feeling overwhelmed about, my Mom rolled her sleeves and applied her organizational skills to the issue and did not give up until you have achieved your goal. She had a loving disposition and intensely loved not only her daughter’s but outside family as well. As for her Daughters they share beautiful memories of their mother baking bread and making biscuits, and Chocolate cake from scratch. She is preceded in death by both her parents; her husband Harry Carlos Smith (Charlie); Half- Siblings Lauren Jones and Joseph Truitt and Laura Evans. Mona is survived by her Children, First-born Cheryl (Cher'rie) L. Day- Marsh, and husband Harry (Allen) of Washington; Second-born Joan M.Day-VanDorn ,and husband Dan of Oklahoma. Mona is also survived by 11 siblings and Half- siblings respectively in birth order they are: Roger Voight and wife Susan of Germany Lauren Jones(deceased) , represented by daughter Angel Bond of California My Mother was 3rd born Geneva Lynn Truitt- Roberts of Oklahoma Laura Truitt -Evans (deceased), represented by daughter Amber Renteria of Texas Becky Truitt- McGuire,and husband Royce of Tennessee Jessie Terry of Oklahoma George Edward Truitt lll, and wife Lisa of Oklahoma Cathleen Truitt-Morales, and husband Daniel of Oklahoma Dianna Pennington-Russom, and, husband Bill of Texas And Finally the baby Joretta Truitt-Ratley and husband David of Texas; plus a plethora of neices and nephews and close friends from all over. A Memorial Service will be held at my home 917 S. 6th Ave. Yakima, Washington (Entrance is on Stewart Street) on August the 25,2018. At 10:00-11:00, followed by a non-alcoholic Irish Wake. I am aware many do not personally know my mother, but it is my hope to show who she was

Memorial Service

Mom's Memorial Service And Wake

Aug 25, 2018

05:00 PM

917 S. 6th Ave.,Washington,Yakima,United States,98902

Reception Information

Mom's Irish Wake

Aug 25, 2018

06:00 PM

917 S. 6th Ave.,Yakima,Washington,United States,98902


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