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Online Memorials Reviews & Testimonials

Emmanuel  Oritsejafor

As I aptly call him “Saint Peter “ he has departed to join the Saints. Great brother that always have me laughing. You are going to be missed for your openness, candor,and unbelievable sense of humor. Adieus my brother Prof!

- Emmanuel Oritsejafor
Julianna Akinboro

3 years today you were gone from us. I sit here and ponder how much I'd like to talk with you today.The times we spent together,the happiness, the fun, your laughter. It said that time is a healer, I am not sure this is true. No matter what anyone says about grief and time healing all wounds, the truth is there are certain sorrows that never fade away until the hearts stops beating and the last breath taken. Missing you always. Mum & Dad

- Julianna Akinboro
Daniel Melow

Its a great opportunity to mourn a great mentor and friend even though I am thousands of miles apart. Thank you

- Daniel Melow
Kerry Williams

I felt a burden lifted as I can now have Nathalie's memorial online. A place to visit from time to time on my phone anytime i want.

- Kerry Williams
Albertraoz Maya

It was January 2012, I was writing my final exams, and several days after my Friend passed away, suddenly in my sleep, I had a dream about him. In my dream, my friend and I went to the places we visited together. We spent a lot of time talking about the all memories we had. Since that time, I've been thinking to live those sweet memories again. Gone But Loved gave me a way to spend the time with my beloved friend. Now I can revisit the lost friendship again and again.

- Albertraoz Maya
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